Golgo 13 Wikia


"However a short while later, the joint observation team discovered something incredible. Two men, at first thought to be missing were found alive. These two not only survive the entire term o  80 days by drinking rain water and eating roots. They kill every single one of 2,000 guerilla troops." -Leonard Dawson- (reasoning that Garvin not that smart to be that 'stupid')


It is unknown the past of his life beside being test subject of a joint's experiment, hosted by both Pentagon and CIA. There are 40 hitmen were sent to the jungle without any supplies and presumably a merciless test by sending guerilla troops to stop them and jungle beasts as nature enemies.


Like his partner, Silver, both only know two things: rival and ally. They are heavily cuffed for security reasons while brought in to Leonard for the assassination order. His left eye somehow reacts to accept the order he took that Golgo 13 is his rival.

Fighting Skill

He is able to block a bullet using his right hand gauntlet as an armor as seen in Golgo 13: The Professional when trying to sneak up behind Golgo 13. He specialized in using his gauntlet as both shielding and attacking. Both has the ability to recover from the wound of bullet although 3 shot has been made.


When both Golgo 13 and Gold at the matter of between life and death, Gold was trying to pierce his grabbing hand to the wounded part where Golgo 13 wrapped it. However, it was retaliated by receiving hits on his head by the grip of the revolver and blood showered his face. Gold is ended up being shot four times after a short moan from behind.