Robert Dawson

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I don't think there's anything in this world but truly expressive gratitude, father. So I have only the simple bouquet for you.Robort's letter

Robert Dawson (ロバート・ドーソン, Robāto Dōson), is the character in Golgo 13: The Professional. He is the son of an oil tycoon, Leonard Dawson who has been assassinated right after the promotion. Resulting a deep vengeance in the heart of his father to kill Golgo 13 whatever it takes.


Raised 29 years by his own father. His father admit him as his own right hand man who will continue to run his father's oil tycoon and when the inauguration at the peak, he was shot in the head by Golgo 13.


However, in his past, when Leonard attempts suicide, Robert narrates that he was grateful for his father's endless love, through his 6-year-old birthday cake, shed tears during his high school graduation, and his life for his own family with his wife, Laura, and his daughter, Emily. He admitted that he had no courage to put an end his father's cold behavior which caused him terrible pain although he knew his father's ups and downs.

To put everything to an end, he sent someone else to kill him and ended his words by saying "I believe, the evil do a good job". Presumably, that he knew the best for stopping his ruthless father and himself for being a son with disobedience.

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